Wet-Dry Vacuum Shopping Guide

A shop vac or wet-dry vac is a superb tool to have throughout the garage area or face to face site to eliminate dirt, dirt, and damp messes of most types. Shop vacs are of help in moist or dry situations meaning their uses are practically endless. If you are searching for a shop vac, there are a few specifications you should think about prior to making a choice.

What in the event do you look for in an able shop vac?


The utmost output horsepower of the motor unit is named peak horsepower. Although top horsepower is often released with each shop vac, you mustn’t get too swept up with horsepower ratings. They might not indicate the real operating horsepower you’ll be using when cleaning and might not be considered a valid point of comparison.

Sealed Pressure

Also, not really a very helpful comparison specification, the suction pressure is measured without airflow and airflow accounts for a huge part of vacuum pressure cleaner’s performance.


CFM is a valid comparison point. It represents how much air is transferred by the engine or a particular system load. All the specifications being equivalents like hose type, size, and duration, the accessories tool used, and a clean filtration system, you want the most CFM your money can buy. CFM is particularly important when picking right up dry messes.

Sealed Suction

Airflow methods CFM (cubic feet each and every minute) or level of air moved, which is important when picking right up to dry messes. Covered Suction (ins) methods the raw power of suction when picking right up liquids. If you’re likely to use your brand-new wet-dry vac for mainly dry messes a higher CFM is desired, while if you will utilize it to get more moist messes, covered suction is more important. If you’d like the best of both worlds, the best amount for both would be ideal.

Air Watts

A more recent term utilized by central vacuum and other machine type manufacturers to classify each model is air watts. Some agree it isn’t as useful as an evaluation tool, Air Watts will capture both areas of suction including covered suction and CFM.


Ensure you get the right size vacuum to your requirements. If you’re heading to be regularly sucking up considerable amounts of drinking water in a flooded cellar, you should get the biggest capacity which makes sense for your finances. Alternatively, if you tidy up small messes around the house, car, garage area, or shop, then you ought to be able to escape with a smaller capacity.

Understand that the published gallons amount is discussing the drum quantity and not the full total collection capacity. The capability of any wet-dry vacuum depends upon the kind of particles you’re collecting and exactly how clean the filtration system is, among other factors.

There is absolutely no doubt a wet-dry vacuum is a must-have tool throughout the shop or garage area. Purchasing the right shop vac for your requirements means comparing apples to apples as it pertains to specs. Understanding shop vac specs are important to decide on the best wet-dry vacuum to your requirements.